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 誌上発表   Adsorption and thermal reactivity of dimethyl trisulfide on a Au(111) single-crystal surface   中村 功、他  2018.11 詳細
 誌上発表   Synthesis of 1H-polychlorofluorocycloolefins   Gang Yang、他  2018.10 詳細
 誌上発表   Deactivation of porous aluminum fluoride-supported noble metallic catalysts used in the hydrodechlorination of 1-chloroheptafluorocylopentene   Qing Fei-yao、他  2018.10 詳細
 誌上発表   Phosgene-free Synthesis of Carbamates using CO2 and Titanium Alkoxides   袁 昊?、他  2018.10 詳細
 誌上発表   Selective Synthesis of Botryococcene Pentaepoxide ‐ The Chemical Modifications of the Algal Biomass Oil   川島 英久、他  2018.09 詳細
 誌上発表   ハロゲン化物フリーな二酸化炭素とアミンからのポリウレタン原料合成プロセス   深谷 訓久、他  2018.09 詳細
 誌上発表   Versatile etherification of alcohols with allyl alcohol by a titanium oxide-supported molybdenum oxide catalyst: gradual generation from titanium oxide and molybdenum oxide   今 喜裕、他  2018.09 詳細
 誌上発表   Silica Support-Enhanced Pd-Catalyzed Allylation using Allylic Alcohols   本倉健、他  2018.09 詳細
 誌上発表   Facile Synthesis of Thienopyrroledione-based π-Conjugated Polymers via Direct Arylation Polycondensation under Aerobic Conditions   市毛 明斗、他  2018.09 詳細
 誌上発表   シリコーンをきちんと作る   松本 和弘、他  2018.09 詳細
 誌上発表   Reverse water gas shift reaction using supported ionic liquid phase catalysts   安田 友洋、他  2018.09 詳細
 誌上発表   酸化モリブデン担持型固体触媒によるアリルエーテル合成法の開発   今 喜裕  2018.08 詳細
 誌上発表   Hydrosilane synthesis via catalytic hydrogenolysis of halosilanes using a metal-ligand bifunctional iridium catalyst   別部 輝生、他  2018.08 詳細
 誌上発表   Observation of proximities between spin-1/2 and quadrupolar nuclei in solids: improved robustness to chemical shielding using adiabatic symmetry-based recoupling   永島 裕樹、他  2018.07 詳細
 誌上発表   クロスカップリング反応の有機ケイ素への新展開 -ハロシランの酸化的付加を鍵とする触媒的分子変換   永縄 友規、他  2018.07 詳細
 誌上発表   Synthesis of hydrofluorocyclopentanes by vapor-phase catalytic hydrodehalogenation   QingFeiyao、他  2018.07 詳細
 誌上発表   Pyrophosphate-Induced Intramolecular Excimer Formation in Dinuclear Zinc(II) Complexes with Tetrakisquinoline Ligands   三方裕司、他  2018.06 詳細
 誌上発表   固体DNP-NMRを駆使する有機高分子材料の精密構造解析   田中 真司、他  2018.06 詳細
 誌上発表   Efficient synthesis of 2-oxazolidinones and quinazoline-2,4(1H,3H)-diones from CO2 catalyzed by tetrabutylammonium fluoride   藤井 亮、他  2018.06 詳細
 誌上発表   Mechanistic Insights into Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Catalyzed by High-Spin Ni(II) Complexes with S2N2-Type Tetradentate Ligands   洪 達超、他  2018.06 詳細
 誌上発表   Alkoxysilane production from silica and dimethylcarbonate catalyzed by alkali bases:
A quantum chemical investigation of the reaction mechanism
 Butera Valeria、他  2018.06 詳細
 誌上発表   Development and application of through-bond and through-space correlation NMR experiments between spin-1/2 and quadrupolar nuclei in crystalline and amorphous solids   永島 裕樹  2018.05 詳細
 誌上発表   Atmospheric chemistry of E-CF3CH=CHCF3: Reaction kinetics of OH radicals and products of OH-initiated oxidation   Feiyao Qing、他  2018.05 詳細
 誌上発表   Kinetics, Products, and Mechanism for the Reaction of E−CF3CH=CHC2F5 with OH Radicals in Gas Phase and Atmospheric Implications   郭 勤、他  2018.05 詳細
 誌上発表   BOOK REVIEW: 環境と化学 グリーンケミストリー入門 第3版   富永 健一  2018.05 詳細
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