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 誌上発表   Transition-Metal-Free C−P Bond Formation via Decarboxylative Phosphorylation of Cinnamic Acids with P(O)H Compounds   Liu Lixin、他  2018.03 詳細
 口頭発表   パラジウム触媒を用いる末端アセチレンとP(O)H化合物の脱水素カップリングによるアルキニルホスホリル化合物の合成   韓 立彪、他  2018.03 詳細
 口頭発表   Preparation of alkynylphosphoryl compounds via a palladium-catalyzed dehydrogenative coupling of terminal alkynes with P(O)H compounds   韓 立彪、他  2018.03 詳細
 誌上発表   Hydrophosphorylation of Alkynes Catalyzed by Palladium: Generality and Mechanism   Chen Tieqiao、他  2018.02 詳細
 誌上発表   Oxidative Dephosphorylation of Benzylic Phosphonates with Dioxygen Generating Symmetrical trans-Stilbenes   Huang Tianzeng、他  2018.02 詳細
 誌上発表   Efficient and selective hydrogenation of C–O bonds with a simple sodium formate catalyzed by nickel   Xi Xiaoxiang、他  2018.01 詳細
 誌上発表   Copper-Catalyzed Dehydrative Cyclization of 1-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-propargyl Alcohols with P(O)H Compounds for the Synthesis of 2-Phosphorylmethyl Benzofurans   Jianlin Yang、他  2018.01 詳細
 誌上発表   Me3P-catalyzed addition of hydrogen phosphoryl compounds P(O)H to electron-deficient alkenes: 1 to 1 vs 1 to 2 adducts   Huang Tianzeng、他  2017.12 詳細
 口頭発表   ホスフィン触媒によるR2P(O)Hの電子不足アルケンへの付加反応   佐賀 勇太、他  2017.12 詳細
 口頭発表   Pd触媒を用いるアルキン類のヒドロホスホリル化反応の一般性と反応機構   韓 立彪  2017.12 詳細
 誌上発表   Reinvestigation of the Substitutions Reaction of Stereogenic Phosphoryl Compounds: Stereochemistry, Mechanism, and Applications   Liu Li-Juan、他  2017.10 詳細
 誌上発表   Cadmium(II) Chloride-Catalyzed Dehydrative C-P Coupling of Propargyl Alcohols with Diarylphosphine Oxides to Afford Allenylphosphine Oxides   Jianlin Yang、他  2017.10 詳細
 口頭発表   Hydrophosphorylation of Alkynes Catalyzed by Palladium: Generality and Mechanism    韓 立彪  2017.10 詳細
 誌上発表   Silver-Free Direct Synthesis of Alkynylphosphine Oxides via spC-H/
P(O)-H Dehydrogenative Coupling Catalyzed by Palladium 
 Jian-Qiu Zhang、他  2017.09 詳細
 口頭発表   钯催化phosphorylation:发现反应和解明机理是催化研究的前后轮    韓 立彪  2017.09 詳細
 誌上発表   Silver-Catalyzed Atom-Economic Hydrophosphorylation of Propargyl Epoxides: An Access to 4-Phosphoryl 2,3-Allenols and Stereodefined 1-Phosphoryl 1,3-Dienes   Ruwei Shen、他  2017.07 詳細
 誌上発表   t-BuOK-mediated reductive addition of P(O)-H compounds to terminal alkynes forming beta-arylphosphine oxides   Ji-Shu Zhang、他  2017.07 詳細
 口頭発表   The next-generation manufacturing process for organophosphorus compounds: superseding the traditional ones   韓 立彪  2017.07 詳細
 誌上発表   Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Organophosphorus Compounds via Cross Coupling between Readily Available Materials and P-H Compounds   Yang Jia、他  2017.05 詳細
 口頭発表   リン化合物の新製造法と応用   韓 立彪  2017.03 詳細
 誌上発表   Air-induced Double Addition of P(O)-H Bonds to Alkynes: A Clean and Practical Method for the Preparation of 1,2-Bisphosphorylethanes    郭 海卿、他  2017.03 詳細
 口頭発表   高機能性有機リン化合物:新製造法と新応用   韓 立彪  2017.02 詳細
 口頭発表   リン化合物の新製造法と応用   韓 立彪  2017.02 詳細
 誌上発表   The PMe3-catalyzed addition of enantiomerically pure (-)-MenthylO (Ph)P(O)H to electron-deficient alkenes: an efficient way for the preparation of P-stereogenic compounds   Yuta Saga、他  2017.01 詳細
 口頭発表   光学活性メンチルH—ホスフィナートを用いるキラルリン化合物の製造   韓 立彪  2016.12 詳細
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